Friday, December 6, 2013

He Suffers With You

"He suffers with you. He is as tender in his affections to you as ever he was; that he might be moved to pity you, he is willing to suffer, as it were, one place to be left naked, and to be flesh still, on which he may be wounded with your miseries, that so he might be your merciful high priest. 

And whereas it may be objected, that this were a weakness, the apostle affirms that this is his power, and perfection and strength of love surely, in him; that is, that makes him thus able and powerful to take our miseries into his heart, though glorified, and so to be affected with them, as if he suffered with us, and so to relieve us out of that principle out of which he would relieve himself."

-Thomas Goodwin, The Heart of Christ

Big thanks to Dane Ortlund for pointing me to this gem.

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